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BAKO: Your Reliable Source for Renting LED Screens

In relation to LED screen rental, BAKO is the name you can trust. Their Diamond Series V3.0 offers fast and convenient installation, making the setup process a breeze. With 100% front installation and front maintenance capabilities, BAKO ensures that their LED screens are designed with efficiency in mind. Modules, HUB boards, cards, and power supplies can all be easily accessed from the front, saving time and effort during installation and maintenance. BAKO understands the importance of a streamlined process when it comes to LED screen rental, and their products are built to deliver exactly that.

Versatile Curved Installation Options

BAKO’s Diamond Series V3.0 goes beyond the conventional straight display setups. These LED screens support curved installations, allowing for creative and immersive visual experiences. Whether you need an outward curve of 0°-5° or an inward curve of 0°-20°, BAKO’s LED screens can be seamlessly adjusted to meet your specific requirements. The flexibility of curved installations opens up new possibilities for events, exhibitions, and other applications where a unique display setup is desired. BAKO’s LED screen rental services cater to your vision and provide the tools to bring it to life.

Fabulous Appearance and Improved Design

BAKO’s Diamond Series V3.0 not only delivers exceptional performance but also boasts a fabulous appearance. With a conventional size of 500 x 500mm, these LED screens feature a simple, attractive, and smooth-line design that catches the eye. BAKO has taken care to improve the structural design of their products, ensuring that the frame case is designed with higher strength to guarantee the flatness of the whole screen. When you choose BAKO for LED screen rental, you can be confident that their products will not only deliver stunning visuals but also enhance the overall aesthetics of your event or display.


In conclusion, BAKO is your trusted LED screen rental provider, offering fast and convenient installation, versatile curved installation options, and visually appealing designs. With their Diamond Series V3.0, BAKO ensures that their LED screens are built for efficiency and flexibility. Whether you’re organizing an event, exhibition, or other occasion, BAKO’s LED screen rental services provide the tools to create impactful and memorable visual experiences. Choose BAKO for your LED screen rental needs and elevate your displays to new heights.

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