From Drug Discovery to Gene Editing: The Many Applications of Cyagen’s Transgenic Mice

Are you curious about the cutting-edge technologies driving advancements in biomedicine? Look no further than Cyagen‘s Transgenic mice! These genetically modified organisms have revolutionized drug discovery, disease modeling, and gene editing.

Applications of Transgenic Mice

Cyagen’s Transgenic mice are widely used in drug discovery because they are capable of developing many types of tumors, which makes them ideal tools for testing new cancer drugs. The mice also provide a good model for studying various genetic diseases, including cancer and diabetes.

Gene editing is another popular application for Cyagen’s Transgenic mice. These animals can be used to study gene function and edit specific genes using cutting-edge techniques like CRISPR/Cas9. This technology has been extensively used in human medicine to treat diseases like cancer and genetic disorders like Huntington’s disease.

How to Obtain a Transgenic Mouse from Cyagen?

Cyagen offers a number of Transgenic mice for research and development, including model organisms for studying human disease. The mice can be obtained through the company’s website or through specific partners. Transgenic mice integrate foreign DNA into mouse genome for studying a wide range of gene functions and human diseases. Cyagen provides a one-stop solution for all your needs of transgenic mouse models. You can contact them to carry out the whole transgenic project, from the initial strategy design and DNA vector construction to the delivery of transgenic animals. Once the mouse is received, it needs to be genotyped and phenotyped in order to determine its compatibility with the desired transgene.


Cyagen, a company that develops Transgenic mice to help researchers study diseases in depth. From drug discovery to gene editing, these mice can do it all – making them essential tools for the cutting-edge biomedical researcher.

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