How to play the prize exchange card game New88 Simple, big win

Card game with rewards New88 includes many interesting games from traditional card games such as scratch cards, blackjack… to popular casino games such as Phom, Baccarat. You can freely “win” every game with “huge” payout rates at the House Trang chủ New88. In this article, New88 will reveal details on how to play the prize-winning card game New88 so new players can join.

Rules for playing card games with prizes New88

Card game with prizes at the House New88 very broad, including a full range of games from Europe to Asia such as blackjack, sam cyclone, phom, Baccarat, Roulette, Tien Len Mien Nam New88… Depending on the game lobby and game, there will be separate rules. You should determine the game you want to participate in and learn the detailed rules.

In general, the rules for playing most card games at New88 are all quite similar. Players deposit money into their account New88, buy betting chips and participate in the game. Dealer New88 There will be a Dealer who will deal the cards, compare the results and pay rewards to you.

Instructions for playing card games with prizes New88 Details from A – Z

Instructions for playing card games with rewards at New88 It’s not difficult at all, it’s the first time beginners “set foot” on the betting floor New88 The owner needs to perform the following steps:

Login/Register at New88.vc

First, you need to register a playing account on the main website New88.vc, you just need to enter your phone number, the OTP code will be sent to the message to log in.

The next time you play, you can log in with the previously saved phone number and password information.

Select Card Game/Casino New88

Next, at the interface of New88.vc, go to the Casino or Card Games category to choose your favorite gaming hall. Hundreds of thousands of attractive games, beautiful interfaces for you to unleash your passion.

Note, before playing you need to deposit money into your account New88 To be able to buy betting chips, the minimum requirement is 200K per deposit.

Join the game and redeem rewards

Finally, you just need to join the game, place bets and wait for the results to be announced. If you become the winner, the prize money will be paid to your account immediately.

Card games with prizes are “popular” at New88

Newbie playing cards online at House New88 Often overwhelmed by countless games, not knowing which game to participate in to win “huge” bets. Below is a list of prize-winning card games that attract the most players at New88, you can refer to:

Scratch cards

Scratch Cards is the simplest prize exchange card game at the House New88, the player will be dealt 2 – 3 cards by the Dealer. If at the end of the match, whoever has the higher score will win. Thanks to simple game rules and high payout rates, scratch card halls are always crowded with people betting.


Similar to scratch cards, but blackjack requires more thinking, initially the player is also dealt 2 cards, how to get the result as close to 21 points as possible to win. A game of blackjack usually has quite a few players, you should be careful to calculate the probability of drawing cards, avoid the case of “being busted” if you have more than 21 points.


Phom was developed from a 52-card deck of cards but has a quite new way of playing. You will rely on the cards played by others and combine them with your own cards to create phom. This game requires you to have good strategy and calculate the logic of the cards that will be played.
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When participating in this game, you can practice your thinking continuously, learn how to guess cards and quickly become “masters”. Note, in Phom New88 There are rules for paying cards. When playing, you should pay attention to avoid losing money unfairly.

Sam cyclone

Sam cyclone New88 Although it was developed based on a 52-card deck of cards, the way of playing and exchanging prizes is very different from other card games. Each player will be dealt 10 cards. Playing until someone runs out of cards first and does not lose is the winner.

Furthermore, in the card game Sam Loc, there will be white-winner rules, penalties for rotten cards, and freezing of cards, so you need to pay close attention.


Similar to high cards, but Baccarat is often more popular in casinos. Dealer will in turn deal 2 cards to Banker and Player, cards face down. You bet money on 3 doors: Banker, Player, Tie. In the end, the side with the higher score will win.

Note that the Tie bet has the highest payout rate, but to avoid risks, do not bet on this bet, the probability is very low.

Moving to the South New88

Tien Len Mien Nam is a simple prize exchange card game, each person is dealt 13 cards, automatically arranged straight, pair, four of a kind… to play until they run out of cards. To win this game, you need luck and know how to predict your opponent’s cards.

Each game of Tien Len only has a maximum of 4 people, so the winning speed will be longer than other card games.

Note when playing card games at the House New88 receive a “huge” reward

Card games with prizes at the House New88 Continuously updated, changing the interface, increasing reward rates to attract more players. New participants should take note of the following notes:

Learn how to play from the masters

Every card game hall New88 There are experts who “play capital” and participate in betting continuously with large winnings. Players can follow the match history to find good names with high winning probability to learn.

At first, you should only bet with a small amount of capital, gradually learn from experience to play better. Absolutely do not place large bets until you have mastered the game, the probability of losing everything is very high.

Receive attractive offers New88 for new players

So that new players can experience the best card games with rewards New88, The house always launches attractive promotions when depositing for the first time. For example, the deposit bonus is up to 2 million VND if the player meets the conditions.

When registering, the Bookie’s care staff New88 will contact customers for detailed advice. Don’t forget to follow the next issue of New88.vc to update these card game with rewards, our extremely attractive online casino!

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