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Micro Catheter: Empowering Medical Professionals with Enhanced Control and Accuracy

Cardiology professionals and hospitals require advanced tools that provide enhanced control and accuracy during cardiology procedures. APT Medical‘s microcatheter is one such device that has transformed interventional medicine. With an emphasis on the Elong™ Microcatheter, this article will examine the features and advantages of microcatheter.

Optimal Support

The Elong™ Microcatheter includes a range of optimized designs to cater to different navigating techniques. The Straight Tip 1.7F Microcatheter is specifically designed for CTO retrograde navigating, providing medical professionals with a tool that enables smooth and precise navigation through complex chronic total occlusions. The Straight Tip 1.9F Microcatheter, on the other hand, is versatile, designed for both CTO antegrade and retrograde navigating.

Superior Crossability

Microcatheter in the Elong™ series provide exceptional support and crossability. The stainless steel mesh braided structure of the microcatheter offers outstanding guidewire support, facilitating precise device manipulation during procedures. Additionally, the PTFE inner layer minimizes resistance during guidewire advance operations, ensuring smooth and seamless navigation. The hydrophilic coating on the distal end of the microcatheter enables smooth delivery, even in tortuous anatomy.

Multi Radiopaque Markers

Clear visualization is essential during interventional cardiology procedures, and the Elong™ Microcatheter delivers in this aspect. The microcatheter is equipped with 2 or 3 radiopaque markers, ensuring clear visualization of the device’s position. These markers aid medical professionals in precise placement, enhancing control and accuracy during procedures.


Microcatheter is powerful tools that empower medical professionals and hospitals with enhanced control and accuracy during complex PCI procedures. The Elong™ Microcatheter with its optimized designs, superior support, and exceptional crossability, represents the excellence of microcatheter technology.

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