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Revolutionizing Commutes: Duotts’ Electric Pedal Assist Bikes for Discerning Riders

Always on the cutting edge, Duotts offers a unique, excellent, and thoughtful online shopping experience for riders seeking a fun, fast, and fabulous journey on their way.

Duotts introduces a range of electric pedal assist bikes that redefine the way we commute.

Duotts’ Commitment to Quality

Duotts is committed to providing a unique, excellent, and thoughtful online shopping experience. The brand’s electric pedal assist bikes are meticulously crafted to meet the high standards of its target audience. Duotts collaborates with high-quality manufacturers and suppliers, ensuring that every product undergoes rigorous quality testing for utmost reliability.

The Duotts Electric Bike Collection

C29: Minimalist Design, Maximum Efficiency

Duotts’ C29 electric pedal assist bike combines minimalist and stylish design, creating a light and dynamic aura. Crafted from lightweight aluminum, the emphasis is on agility and maneuverability. With 29*2.1-inch inflatable tires, the C29 not only enhances cycling efficiency but also provides outstanding shock absorption, offering a fresh and comfortable riding experience.

F26: Power and Style in Harmony

The F26 seamlessly integrates body and battery into an aesthetically pleasing design. With a reinforced frame, 26*4.0 inflatable tires, and front and rear 750W motors, it tackles inclines with ease. The 17.5Ah LG battery ensures enduring range, making it a powerful and stylish choice for riders.

Duotts Electric Scooters for Urban Exploration

D66: Effortless City Gliding

Duotts’ D66 electric scooter effortlessly glides through the city with its lightweight aluminum alloy body. Powered by front and rear motors delivering 3600 watts, it stands out in the realm of lightweight skateboards, offering exceptional climbing ability and stability.

D88: Power Performance for Explorers

The D88 electric skateboard boasts beast-like power performance, conquering various terrains with 5600W motors and a 38Ah battery. Front and rear spring shock absorbers ensure safety during extreme challenges, making it the ideal choice for adventurous riders.


Duotts’ electric pedal assist bikes redefine commuting for riders. With a commitment to quality, stylish designs, and powerful specifications, Duotts ensures that riders experience a revolution in their daily commutes. Explore the world of Duotts and embrace the freedom of riding with unparalleled style and performance.

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