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Restore Your Smile with Confidence using Fixed Dental Prostheses by Eurasia Dental Lab

Eurasia Dental Lab takes pride in providing top-quality fixed dental prostheses, designed to restore the smiles of individuals who have lost all their teeth. The denture with an overbar, supported by four implants, offers a stable and aesthetically pleasing solution for edentulous patients. Eurasia Dental Lab’s commitment to excellence ensures that their fixed dental prostheses provide a comfortable and natural-looking restoration that enhances both oral function and appearance.

Gentle on the Gums, No Irritation

One of the important properties of Eurasia Dental Lab’s fixed dental prostheses is that they do not irritate the gums. The precise fit and design of the denture with an overbar ensure that the prosthesis sits comfortably on the gum tissue, minimizing any potential irritation. Edentulous patients can enjoy a restoration that not only restores their smile but also promotes gum health and overall oral well-being.

Resisting Lateral Forces for Long-Lasting Results

Eurasia Dental Lab‘s fixed dental prostheses are engineered to withstand lateral forces, providing long-lasting durability and functionality. The four strategically placed implants, along with the milled titanium bar, offer enhanced resistance to forces that occur during chewing and speaking. This ensures that the prostheses stay securely in place, allowing patients to enjoy their favorite foods and engage in daily activities with confidence.


Eurasia Dental Lab is committed to restoring smiles and transforming lives with their exceptional fixed dental prostheses. The denture with an overbar, supported by four implants, provides edentulous patients with a stable and aesthetically pleasing solution. With properties such as gum-friendly design and resistance to lateral forces, Eurasia Dental Lab’s fixed dental prostheses offer a comfortable and long-lasting restoration.

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