What is Roulette? Attractive Betting Game Title For Bet Players

What is Roulette? This is certainly a question that many bettors are interested in when learning about betting products at Nhà cái New88 playground. This is a red and black game that uses a spinning wheel with randomly distributed numbers. Together New88 bookmaker Learn about how to play this interesting game through the article below.

What is Roulette?

What is Roulette? Also known as mini spin, this is a betting game with simple and attractive gameplay. The game uses a spinning wheel with cells numbered from 0 – 36 or 00 – 36 and arranged randomly. Each number box is colored black and red alternately, but the numbers 00 and 0 will be colored blue.

When playing, the Dealer will spin the Roulette wheel and drop a ball in the opposite direction of the spin. After the ball loses momentum and lands on any number on the wheel, the player who bets on that lucky number will win. .

Currently, there are two popular types of Roulette wheel: European Roulette and American Roulette. In general, the rules and how to play these two styles have not changed, the difference lies in the numbers. For the European Roulette wheel, there is only one 0 and a total of 37 numbers, while the American Roulette wheel has an additional 00 and up to 38 numbers.

Some common terms when playing Roulette at New88

What is Roulette?? as well as what you need to know about this subject. Similar to other casino games, Roulette also possesses its own system of terminology that requires participating gamers to clearly understand, such as:

  • Action Player: A term referring to a player who bets large amounts of money
  • Biased Numbers and Wheels: A term representing random numbers
  • Bottom Track: A term denoting the position of the ball between the ball track and the digital track
  • Black Bet: A term referring to a form of betting on black
  • Column Bet: A term that refers to a form of betting in a row with 12 numbers
  • Croupier: Term referring to the dealer:
  • Corner Bet: A term denoting a form of betting on 4 numbers
  • Dozen Bet: A term that appears when a player bets 12 numbers at once
  • Low Bet: Term for low stakes
  • Line Bet: A term that appears when a player bets on separate numbers on the betting table
  • Odd Bet: A term referring to the form of betting on odd numbers

What is Roulette? Basic Roulette rules for beginners

The rules of Roulette are very simple and easy to understand, suitable for everyone, even new and inexperienced players. A standard Roulette betting table will have a spin divided into 37 or 38 numbers. Participating gamers will place bets according to regulationsCasino, As follows:
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  • Inside bet: This is a type of bet on specific spaces on the wheel
  • Outside bets: Gamers will bet on groups of numbers such as red, black, horizontal rows, vertical columns, even/odd numbers, etc.

What is Roulette? Popular forms of Roulette betting

Like other red and black games, Roulette also has many diverse forms of betting with different values. Bettors can refer to popular betting forms today such as:

  • Single bet: A form of betting that allows players to bet on any number from 0 to 36
  • Double bet: Gamers can bet on any two numbers at the same time on the Roulette wheel by placing a chip on the wall between the two numbers.
  • Line bet: With this form, you will bet on a horizontal line by placing chips on the edge below that horizontal line.
  • Corner bet: Participating in betting, the player will place chips on the intersection corner between any 4 numbers.
  • Two-line bet: This way of betting allows you to place chips on the intersection point at the edge of two adjacent rows.
  • Column bet: The player will bet on all the numbers in a vertical column by placing chips on the box at the end of that column.

Instructions on how to play Roulette at New88

Online Roulette is one of the hottest games in New88’s casino game hall. Below are specific instructions on how to play for those who want to experience the game at this prestigious betting floor:

How to bet on Roulette?

When starting the game, the player’s betting table will display betting positions including inside bets and outside bets. Gamers need to think and choose the bet they want by placing chips on the prediction they think will win.

How to draw Roulette prizes?

After a period of brainstorming, choose the bet that you think has the highest chance of winning. Dealer will spin the wheel to find the winner by dropping the ball into the wheel. The ball stops at the number or position that the gamer has bet on and will win the prize money.

Announce results and pay prizes to winners

When the spinning stops, the winner will be revealed. Whichever box the ball stops at, the system will light up in that box. The bonus will immediately be added to the player’s account according to the corresponding bet rate.


So through the article on New88, we have explained to you the concept of Roulette?, and also guided bettors on how to play the game in detail at the house. Quickly visit the New88 website to experience this exciting spin.

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